Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One door closes

Been kind of bummed this week. I've been trying to crank out a scholarship application after work, but ... well, I guess I've been deluding myself. It required making a 4-minute film in about a week, and pulling together all the moving pieces definitely takes more than 7 days of work. At least for the movies I create. So I scrambled for many hours and missed the deadline, and am disheartened because I've been lugging myself into work tired and giving up all of my free time.

Then this morning I get e-mails from our public interest law counselor and my good friend, Emily. Another scholarship contest. A bigger prize. For graduates only, which means I don't have to stress the application until next year.

Thanks for helping me keep my chin up, Ems. Little actions like these -- it's just beautiful having friends. You guys keep me going, and have no idea how much I appreciate it.

NOTE: If you know any Penn grads in public interest law now who might want to apply, let me know & I'll forward you the info.

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