Wednesday, July 1, 2009

African friends

This summer I am working with Community Legal Services of Philadelphia, in their public housing unit. We have a visiting attorney this summer by the name of Wanja. She just came in today. I wonder what country she is from?

We were introduced by a staff attorney this morning, and Wanja did a very African thing -- shook my hand, then held it as if we were old friends. I have to say, I love that gesture. It reminds me of Uganda and makes me want to be best friends, forever. And she knows my name. "Oh, Maisha, that means you must be full of life!" Wanja absolutely glows. I'll have to find her again later this afternoon. Maybe I can show her parts of Philadelphia after work.

Na penda, rafiki!

Anyway, just a passing note. This blog doesn't have to be all serious after all, does it?

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