Monday, June 29, 2009


This sounds like a wonderful idea, and I'm honored to be invited. And, since procrastination methods are foremost in my mind at present, here is my intro. My name is Larisa, I am 33 years old, and I recently graduated from law school and am now studying for the California bar exam (hence the need for procrastination methods). My avocation is music; I play the piano, specializing in ragtime, and perform at ragtime festivals as often as humanly possible. And, on the subject of music, here is (as requested) the upcoming concert information (Aug. 14-16 in Sutter Creek, CA). :) And here is a Youtube video of one of my performances from the last festival I attended.

My participation in this blog will have to be somewhat minimal until the bar exam is over, but I do hope to open my big mouth (and insert my big foot) at least a few times. On the subject of creativity - does creativity and imaginative activity really have to be purposeless and disconnected from the working world? Is all art "quite useless" by definition? Is it possible to be creative in a typical white-collar office job? To be creative as a lawyer? As an engineer? As a janitor?

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  1. Good luck on the bar, Larisa! (Shh, tell me all the answers!) :)